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Easy Diatonic Harmonica - the harmonica with Ukrainian soul.

This harmonica is for those who love freedom, have the strength and courage to break the outdated standards and are not afraid to learn new things. The Easy Diatonic Harmonica is the harmonica of the 21st century, designed in accordance with the laws of music and offering musical possibilities to match the spirit of the age. It’s been created specially for an easier and more convenient playing experience in all modern music genres.

Free course of the Easy Diatonic Harmonica playing for beginners.

You can learn to play the Easy Diatonic Harmonica many times faster than the standard Richter harmonica. And our free course will help you with this.

Free tabs for beginner level players (Richter).

Tabs without bends.

Free tabs for advanced level players (Richter).

Tabs with bends.

Free tabs for master level players (Richter).

Tabs with bends, overblows and overdraws.

Free tabs in different positions for master level players (Richter).

Tabs for those who explore different positions on the harmonica. Each composition is presented in three different most comfortable positions on the harmonica.

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